Mr. N. RAVISHANKAR, Founder and Managing Director of our TRIWAY Group of Companies, Managing Trustee of PADMASHREE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION and PADMASHREE CBSE SCHOOL and Founder of PADMASHREE ACADEMY FOR TRAINING SKILLS, is a self – made Business Veteran and Leader with four decades of experience and expertise in the field of International Trade and Business Operations, Global Shipping, Warehousing, Distribution & Multimodal Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

As the Chief Mentor of TRIWAY Group of Companies, encompassing seven varied Business Units, he has successfully built a team of Professionals And Micro entrepreneurs within the organization as heads of various Administrative and Operational departments and set up branch offices across the country.

A Social Entrepreneur, a Mentor, Thinker, a Strategist and is a firm believer that our youth people can be empowered by out of the box thinking, positive attitudinal changes and Imparting and inculcating 'Values and Principles' for holistic transformation and development. Through his life journey, he shows kindness and does the good things for others to make a sustainable society.

Providing over 700 direct employment and feeding more than 2000 families as a indirect employment, he is committed to working towards people empowerment through Employability Skill Development & Life Skills training. He believes that every person has potential. All they need is positive motivation, self confidence with courage and self-belief that nothing is impossible if they have the perseverance and the determination. His thoughts and ideologies are not kept limited to any specific audience but have been reaching out to even the laymen in the rural areas also.

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